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Family Factor is a specialty care pharmacy offering a full line of factor replacement medications and auxiliary supplies, education, and support for patients with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.  Our pharmacy and nursing staffs work closely with patients, caregivers, and medical providers to deliver the highest quality of care and achieve the best possible outcomes.  We are currently licensed in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Arkansas and Missouri.
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Setting the Standards
Mission Statement
Family Factor's mission is to provide the highest quality of pharmacy services, medications, and medical care possible to patient and family, while realizing our responsibility to the community and society as a whole.
In 2009, Family Factor received accreditation from CHAP, a nationally recognized community health accrediting agency.  In addition, Family Factor is in accordance with all recommendations regarding standards of service for pharmacy providers of clotting factor concentrates for home use to patients with bleeding disorders, which are outlined in the Medical and Scientific Advisory Council's (MASAC) Document #188.
What We Offer
Family Factor's complete range of bleeding disorder therapies and services include:
S Full line of factor replacement medications
S Home medical supplies
S 24-hour pharmacy support
S 24-hour nursing support
S Home nursing care
S Self infusion training
S Social Services
S Monitoring capabilities for physician and insurance providers via CPR+ Web Portal
S Emergency Assistance
S Ongoing family support and education
S Coordination with physicians
S Patient and family advocacy
S Bruiser's Club
S Medical and Pharmacy claims processing
S Insurance Assistance

Know Your Diseases

The primary congenital bleeding disorders are hemophilia A and hemophilia B, which affect approximately 1 in 5,000 males and von Willebrand's Disease which affect an estimated 1 in 100 men and women.

For effective blood clotting, the body requires several plasma proteins called factors.  People affected with hemophilia are either missing a particular factor that is essential to the clotting process or the factor is present but doesn't work.  Without this active factor, bleeding into muscles, joints and internal organs can occur, often without any noticeable trauma.

The treatment of a bleeding episode can vary depending on the severity of the disease; for most patients, however, it involves replacement of the missing protein through the intravenous administration of factor concentrate.
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